Issue 34 – Air Niugini and Papua New Guinea Defence Force DC-3s, Nostalgic airline stories, Cubana Britannias, Bolivian DC-3 accident, Northwest Convair 580s,
Air Anglia DC-3s, Californian fire-bombing.
Issue 39 – Highland Heralds (BEA), Aerochago’s Super Constellations, History of DC-3 VH-ABR, Air France Constellations – Part 1, Mandala Electra flight,
American Airlines DC-3 crash.
Issue 43 – Connie news update, California’s Short Solent, Fire-bombing adventures, Eastern European news, The Magic of Manila, A day in the life of Viscount GAOYP,
Air Condor operations.
Issue 44 – US military Caribou, Eastern European news, Pembroke Farewell, Lodi’s DC-3s, T & G DC-7C across the Atlantic, Lloyd Britannias, 1990 fire-bomber
update, Trans-Provincial Goose, Trip to Poland.
Issue 45 – Swissair flies a DC-3 for a day, Greybull Revisited, Saga of the Civil Supers (the Super DC-3), ACE Freighters, withdrawal of IPEC Argosies, Douglas
Historical Foundation’s DC-2, Electra emergency landing at Aruba.
Issue 46 – History of Skymaster N4989K, Monarch Britannias, Air Kenya DC-3s, Return to Cayo Largo, History of Philippine Airlines – Part 1, Air Cargo Support -
Part 1, Tales from the logbook – trip aboard SAS DC-7C, Russian report.
Issue 47 – Aerosucre DC-6A, Channel Airways history – Part 1, Pacific ferry by three DC-3s, BCF Britannia, Miami’s Sky Trucks – Trans-Air-Link, Basler’s Turbo 67,
Shackleton bows out of RAF service, Winair YS-11.
Issue 48 – The Magic of Managua, Night Freighter to Brussels (BAF Viscount), Flight aboard the An-22, Britannia Airways Britannias, Saskatchewan’s fire-fighters,
Air Cargo Support – Part 2, United DC-7/TWA L-1049 collision.
Issue 49 – Save-A-Connie L-1049, Skymaster is Fifty, Convair 5800, BEA Argosy operations, Channel Airways – Part 2, Spanish Catalinas, Stealth DC-3, Colombian
archive photos, Jersey European 748 retirement.
Issue 50 – Balkan An-12s, Dutch Dakota Association, Eagle Britannias, Trans-Provincial Bristol Freighters, Air Cargo Support – Part 3, Noratlas to Kinshasa.
Issue 51 – Soviet Giants update (Tu-114/An-22), Interocean Caribou/DC-3/DC-4 operations, Lahr’s last Cosmopolitan, History of DC-3 EI-ANK/G-ATBE, Tradair,
The mystery of flight 304 (BCPA DC-6), Paraguayan DC-3s.
Issue 52 – Canadian news update, Classic Air DC-3s, East African relief flying, Donaldson Britannias, MATS Connie, Oshkosh by Martinliner, Philippine Airlines -
Part 2, Defence Research Agency’s Viscounts.
Issue 53 – Pearson Props, Channel Airways – Part 3, Caribbean Island Paradise – Santo Domingo, Air Atlantique’s DC-3s, Paraguayan Commandos, Across the
Atlantic by Albatross, Wheels, wings and magic things, Recent Developments at San Juan.
Issue 54 – Restoration of Rapide G-AEML, In search of the last Scandia, World’s last Bristol Freighter grounded, BEA Viking crash, BKS Air Transport’s Britannias,
Indonesian Viscounts and Electras, history of DC-4 G-AOXK/5H-AAH, Paraguayan Commando remembered, Germanair DC-6s, Hirth’s Hefty Harpoons.
Issue 56 – CanAir Cargo Convair 580 flight, Halifax in airline service – Part 1, Conifair DC-6 operations, Otis Spunkmeyer Air DC-3s, Ferry flight of Britannia from
Cuba to Zaire, Reeve Aleutian Electra, Further adventures of an Albatross.
Issue 57 – Hunting Cargo Merchantman flight, Mexican prop relics, Channel Airways – Part 5, Belgian International Air Services, Miami’s Corrosion Corner – Part 1,
California fire-bombers, Australian DC-3 news.
Issue 58 – SAAF Shackleton, Arafura Fairchild (F-27), Atlantic Catalina Adventure, Flying the Peter Stuyvesant Catalina, Halifax in airline service – Part 2, BEA
Herons, Panair do Brasil Catalinas.
Issue 59 – Alaskan prop update, Channel Airways – Part 6, Bristol Freighter revived, Mulhouse Memories, Paraguayan Electras, Civilian Fairchild Providers, Miami’s
Corrosion Corner – Part 2, American DC-3s remember D-Day landings, The African Catalina.
Issue 60 – Atlantic crossing by Springbok Skymaster, Japan’s YS-11s, Spartan Cruiser, 1994 Fire-bomber update, Halifax in airline service – Part 3, Air Zory Il-18.
Issue 61 – Intra Airways history, Bouraq Viscounts, Transoceanica, Miami’s Corrosion Corner – Part 3, Indonesian Airways DC-3, Trans-Atlantic DC-4, A visit to
Issue 62 – Collier County Mosquito DC-3s, Shannon Air, Canadian Coast Guard DC-3, Everts Air Fuel Commandos, South American props – Venezuela, Bolivia,
Colombia and Uruguay, Halifax in airline service – Part 4, Cat Air Catalina, Tri-9 Convairs.
Issue 63 – DC-3 flying in Brazil in the sixties, Britannia disaster at Downend, Buffalo Airways, European Super Guppy operations, Namibia Commercial Aviation’s
DC-6B, Miami’s Corrosion Corner – Part 4, Alexander Aeroplane DC-3.
Issue 64 – Soviet Tour by Il-18, Halifax in airline service – Part 5, Camarillo’s Warning Star Connie, Postcard from Istanbul, Yellow Props of the Nusantara, Loss of
the Philippine Clipper (Martin M-130), United States Overseas Airlines.
Issue 65 – Australian Super Connie, Avial’s unwanted An-12, Where Round Engines Ruled – Miami, Air Caribbean YS-11s, Capella and its DC-3, The Eland Enigma
- Part 1 (Canadair 540), Cuban Prop Revolutions.
Issue 66 – Dutch Dakota Association Skymaster, Trans-Atlantic Flying Boats – Part 1, Viscount retires from passenger service, Catalina to Cachi Porro, Farewell to
Fokker (Braathens/Aer Lingus/LTU/Schreiner F-27s), Air Maldives, Coventry Airport at night, Heathrow Airport in 1946, Arizona Convair crash.
Issue 67 – Readers’ response (DC-3 SE-CFW, Belgian Halifax, Hermes), Cypress Airlines Convair 580, Final flight of the Bristol Freighter, Air Bridge to Canada
(1957), Brooks Fuel’s DC-4 and DC-7C operations, The Eland Enigma – Part 2, Lydd Classic Airliner Show, Alaskan Carvair revival (Great Arctic Airways),
Californian Pot-pourri.
Issue 68 – A Tale of Two Tudors (William Dempster), Cascade Air DC-3 fish hauler, A Tour in the Congo (UN DC-3 operations in 1963), Adventure in Buffalo
Territory (Yellowknife), Sky Freighters’ C-117D operations, Hawkair Bristol Freighter flies on, Trans-Atlantic Flying Boats – Part 2, Super Constellation restoration in
Toronto, Belgium’s nostalgia DC-3.
Issue 69 – California’s Super Scoopers (Airborne Fire Attack Catalina), Paraguayan Convairliners, Panair do Brasil DC-7C operations, The last Pionair (DC-3 GAMFV),
50 years of the DC-6, Cyprus CL-44 crash, DHL Convair 580s, Air Chathams & its Convair 580, Martin Willing’s Pembroke, Terre Haute – Electra hub.
Issue 70 – Swissair celebrates fifty oceanic years (DC-4), Lufthansa’s C-46 Commandos, Sharjah – Soviet staging post, Loss of Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer GAOEO
in Libyan Desert, Aviation Traders Accountant, Air Philippines YS-11 operations, checking out on the MATS Connie, South American An-32 operations.
Issue 71 – Flight aboard Rentavion Martin 4-0-4, Transmeridian CL-44 operations, Swissair DC-4 across the Atlantic, Meesden Green Hermes crash, Hawkair update,
The Goose at Sixty, Tour of Alaska, Fiftieth anniversary USAF celebrations, Convair 340 at Toronto.
Issue 72 – Report from Colombia and Bolivia, The Boeing Stratocruiser – Part 1, Interocean Airways, Bronson Creek’s airliners (C-117D, Carvair and Bristol
Freighter), Report from Cuba, Malmo’s Dakota ‘Fly-In’, DC-3 bows out of Airkenya service, Azerbaijan Airways CL-44-0 Guppy.
Issue 73 – Pan American Stratocruiser operations, Renown Aviation Electra and Convair operations, ABA – Super Trooper (wartime flights across North Sea), Safe
Air Bristol Freighters, Martin Miscellany, Southampton Airport in the Fifties – Part One, Falconair Charter AB., Huns Air Viscounts.
Issue 74 – BOAC Stratocruiser operations, Trans-Atlantic Propliners 1937 – 1945, Lusty Lockheeds (Lockheed 18/Harpoon/Ventura conversions), Enthusiast’s guide
to Sharjah Airport, Maine Coast Airways’ Starliners, Reader’s Response.
Issue 75 – American Overseas, United & Northwest Stratocruiser operations, Points North Air, Hydro Quebec Convair 580 operations, Skyeways – mystery Scottish
airline, MATS Connie’s European Tour, Return of the Candy Bomber (BAHF C-54), Killer Mountain – airliner crashes near Seattle in 1934 and 1953, North American
Carvair revival, Southampton Airport in the Fifties – Part Two.
Issue 76 – Transocean, RANSA & Israeli Air Force Stratocruiser operations, Rule Britannia – Military Style, Douglas Swingtails (DC-4 & DC-6), Report from South
Africa, Visit to Terrace & Yellowknife, Air Cargo Express’ C-46D Commando, BAHF C-97G ferry flight, MATS Connie returns to the USA, USA Air Tankers – 1998
Issue 77 – Stratocruiser production list, Southampton Airport in the Fifties – Part Three, A Weekend with Save-A-Connie, Torair/Fairline/ Loadair DC-3 &
Commando operations, Seven Seas Airlines Skymaster/Commando/YC-97 operations, BAC Express Friendship services, the Brabazon ‘Propliners’.
Issue 78 – BOAC Argonaut Memories, Vickers Vanguard – Part One, Conair Firecats, Air North DC-3 & DC-4 operations in the Yukon, Delta Air Transport and the
DC-3, Airliners of America, Newfoundland Cansos, Court Air Convair 580s, South African Airways Historic Flight.
Issue 79 – Conair Firecat production list, Vickers Vanguard – Part Two (Trans Canada), Southampton Airport in the Fifties – Part Four, The Legendary Liftmaster
(development history of Douglas DC-6A), US Coast Guard ice patrol fleet, the Brabazon ‘Propliners’ – Part Two.
Issue 80 – Vickers Vanguard – Part Three (British European Airways), BOAC Argonaut Memories – Part Two, KLM European ‘prop’ freight services, Era Aviation
Convair 580 and DC-3 operations, Calm Air Hawker Siddeley 748 operations, Villavicencio DC-3 operators, Aeroejecutivos and Servivensa DC-3s, SABENA DC-7C
Issue 81 – Vickers Vanguard – Part Four (Air Holdings, Invicta, Air Trader, Air Viking, etc.), Southampton Airport in the Fifties – Part Five, history of United DC-3
NC16070, Lancastrian G-AGWH found in the Andes, Societa Aerea Mediterranea DC-6B, C-46 & DC-3 operations, loss of TAR CL-44 over Armenia in 1981,
Aeronautical Services’ Otter operations, Buffalo Airways’ Y2K compliant DC-3.
Issue 82 – Vickers Vanguard – Part Five (Merpati Nusantara, Air Bridge, Europe Aero Service, Air Gabon, Intercargo Service), Delta Air Transport DC-6B
operations, Phoebus Apollo DC-3 & DC-4 operations, Air Freight NZ Convair 580, Flight aboard Turks & Caicos DC-7B, Gulf Aviation history, Readers’ Response.
Issue 83 – Vickers Vanguard – Part Six (Production list), Post-War Trans-Atlantic Propliners 1945 – 1968 (Part One), Rebirth of the Sanford Lockheed Starliner,
Flight aboard Paraguayan DC-3, Flight to JFK Airport aboard the Save-A-Connie L-1049, Fifty years of TWA service to London, Red Bull’s DC-6B.
Issue 84 – Overseas Aviation (Part One), Crash of Air India L-749A The Kashmir Princess, Ferry flight of a former Israeli Air Force DC-3 from Israel to Canada,
Hungarian Li-2 restoration, Super Constellation Flyers’ L-1049, The Mid Atlantic Air Museum’s airworthy airliner collection, Coventry Air Show report, the
development of airline services in the Yukon.
Issue 85 – Overseas Aviation (Part Two), Post-War Trans-Atlantic Propliners 1945 – 1968 (Part Two), TWA L-1049G services to London, The Worst Mariner
Disaster, Penndel’s Super Connie, Belgian Air Force Skymaster operations, Bombay DC-3s, Prop Profile, Reeve Aleutian closure.
Issue 86 – Overseas Aviation (Part Three), ARDCO Skymasters, DC-3 Mosquito sprayers in Florida, Bush Pilots Airways DC-3s, Constellation News Update, Yukon
memories, Reliving South Pacific Airlines New Zealand.
Issue 87 – B.K.S. Air Transport (Part One), Indonesian Catalina memories, Missionary Flights International DC-3 operations, Post-War Trans-Atlantic Propliners
1945 – 1968 (Part Three), TWA L-1049H services to London, European An-12 update, Researching Corgi models, Delta Air Transport Convair CV-440 operations,
Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation Boeing C-97G.
Issue 88 – B.K.S. Air Transport (Part Two), Early New Zealand pioneer airline – Air Travel (NZ), Seaboard & Western Airlines, The Impossible Dream – Starliner
N974R flies to Polk City, Catalina Flying Boats DC-3 operations, Li-2 rebuild in Hungary, Boeing Stratoliner restoration and other related topics.
Issue 89 – B.K.S. Air Transport (Part Three), The Flying Lobster of Air Lanes Inc Martin Mariners, Jungle Mariners, technical description of Wright R-3350TC
engine, Happy Camp Complex Fire Bombing September 2001, Last Flight of L-1049H N469C, Martin 4-0-4 N636X on tour, Aussie Dakotas & Drovers.
Issue 90 – B.K.S. Air Transport (Part Four), African Safari Airways Britannias, The Whispering Giant (Britannia) is Fifty, Scenic Airlines Fokker Friendship
operations, TWA L-1649A services to London, European Coastal Airlines Grumman Goose, Santa Fe C-121A Connie.
Issue 91 – B.K.S. Air Transport (Part Five), North America’s fading Electras, Douglas C-133 preservation, technical description of Wright R-3350TC engine (Part
Two), ARCO C-46 & Convair operations in Uruguay, Ukraine’s ‘propliners’, Tofino Air Beavers, restoration of AC-47D gunship, Darkee – tale of a lost Skymaster in
Issue 92 – B.K.S. Air Transport (Part Six), Princess flying-boat development, aerial adventures on Resolution Island (Canada), Fiji’s Herons, Trans-Atlantic ferry
flight of Aviodome L-749A Constellation, Ariana Afghan Airlines piston history, Vancouver Island Air Beech 18s, Hungarian Li-2 restoration.
Issue 93 – B.K.S. Air Transport (Part Seven – Fleet list), flight aboard Wings of Alaska Otter, Emerald Airways (748s, Heralds & DC-3s) history, Trans Florida
Airlines history, restoration plans for Maine Starliners, Connie celebrates sixtieth birthday, An-12s at Ostend, Ukrainian An-12 to Budapest, US Fire-bomber update,
New Zealand’s Lockheed 10 Electra operations.
Issue 94 – Independent Air Travel (Part One), Canhellas Canadair Yukon operations, Argentine Short Sandringham operations, the development and service history of
the Douglas DC-7 series, Overseas National Airways’ prop era, Skyline Viscount operations, the “Cosmic Muffin” (nautical Boeing 307).
Issue 95 – Independent Air Travel (Part Two), Boxcar Resurrection (C-119s in Alaska), SABENA in African Skies (piston operations to the Congo), Southampton
(Eastleigh) Airport in the sixties (Part One), Trans Northern C-117D operations, Desert Air DC-3 operations, Christler Flying Service history, Coventry Classic Air
Show, Marshall’s of Cambridge photo archive, Readers’ Response.
Issue 96 – Dragon Tales (Post-war history of DH.84s G-ACIT & G-ADDI), Butler Aircraft DC-7 operations, BOAC Avro Yorks, TLC for the Vickers V… (An
engineer remembers working on the BA Viscount & Vanguard fleets), the Duchess of Brittany Heron G-AORG, A day at Lima Airport in 1968, A flight aboard the
Sunflower Lisunov Li-2.
Issue 97 – Midland Air Cargo (Bristol Superfreighters), Slick Airways history, Southampton Airport in the Sixties (Part Two), Graham Robson’s aerial photography,
Bathurst Vintage Joyflights Drovers and others, Seventy years of the Dragon Rapide, Air Attack 2003 – Fire Bombers update.
Issue 98 – Caledonian DC-7C operations, Sveaflyg – Swedish DC-6 charter airline, Boulder City Grumman Albatross Fly-In, Ferry flight of the Breitling/SCFA L-
1049 from Camarillo to Basle, History of Dart Herald G-APWA, Beaver flight over Hamburg, South African old props safari, DC-6 flight to Guantanamo Bay.
Issue 99 – Channel Air Bridge history (Carvair & Bristol Freighter operations), Benny Younesi and his Connies, On the Road with “Salmon Ella” (Everts C-46),
Southampton Airport in the Sixties (Part Three), Letter from Phnom Penh, Farewell US Fire Bomber tour, Canadian news update, The Golden Falcon Flies Again
(Eastern DC-7B on her way to Florida).
Issue 100 – The Tudor Dynasty (Part One), Britain’s last big biplane airliner (G-ACZP), Prop Profile – Stephen Piercey, Highland Budgies (British Airways 748
operations), 21st Century Connies – worldwide survey of survivors, The Last Bristol Freighter bows out of service.
Issue 101 – The Tudor Dynasty (Part Two), Transavia DC-6 operations, Annie Antics – history of Avro XIX G-AHKX, Southampton Airport in the Sixties (Part
Four), Sharjah Revisited, Firebombers of Quebec (CL-215 & Catalina), Prop Profile.
Issue 102 – The Tudor Dynasty (Part Three – Production list), The MATS Connie Goes West (to Korea), BOAC/Seaboard Super Connies, British Westpoint Airlines,
Douglas C-117D Revival, Lineas Aereas Canedo, Bolivian ‘propliner’ report.
Issue 103 – Pacific Coastal Grumman Goose flight, TASSA history, Sixty years of the de Havilland Dove, Transglobe/Tradewinds CL-44 operations, Southampton
Airport in the Sixties (Part Five), Swiss Viking restoration (G-AIVG), Prop Profile.
Issue 104 – Scottish Airlines Liberators, Trans Northern Super DC-3, Riddle Airlines history, Penair Grumman Goose operations, Südflug history, Readers’ Response.
Issue 105 – The Elizabethan Era – BEA Airspeed Ambassador operations, Spantax piston-engined operations, Southampton Airport in the Sixties (Part Six), Sir
Freddie Laker obituary, Icelandair’s Sixtieth Anniversary, North Country Classics – Ian Allan tour of Alaska and North-western Canada.
Issue 106 – The Elizabethan Era – Globe Air, Autair, Decca & Jordanian Air Force Ambassador operations, Capitol Airways history (Part 1), Visit to Lineas Aereas
Canedo and flight aboard Sol de America DC-3, Phuket Air YS-11, Sir Peter Masefield obituary, Vancouver Island Air Beech 18 Seawind, Albatross Fly-in.
Issue 107 – The Elizabethan Era – Engine test beds & production list, Capitol Airways history (Part 2), Southampton Airport in the Sixties (Part 7), Naming of Tudor
“Elizabeth of England”, The story of ‘Big Red’ – Howard Super Harpoon, Air Spray Invader retirement, The Seven Seas of Spain and Switzerland, Tour to the end of
the world (Soviet An-24/26 safari).
Issue 108 – Rovos Air CV-440 flight, Trans Meridian DC-4/DC-7CF operations, BOAC Constellation charters, HeavyLift Short Belfast operations, Dutch Connie
update, Moscow Weekend July 2006, Call of the Wild – tour of north western Canada, Down in the Bay – BOAC Whitley tragedy.
Issue 109 – Colorado Springs Boeing KC-97L & Super Connie, Sharjah update, Wardair Bristol Freighter, DH.91 Albatross history, Air Atlantique Classic Flight,
Career of Viscount 702 G-APPX (c/n 073), Opa Locka Airport and its ‘propliners’, Keflavik’s Connies (USAF EC-121 operations).
Issue 110 – Visit to Libya, Germany’s Vickers Vikings, Southampton Airport in the Sixties (Part 8), Conroy Guppy test flight mishap, Martin’s Air Charter (Part 1),
Air North Hawker Siddeley 748 experience, TEAL Short Solents flying the Coral Route.
Issue 111 – Big Salt Lake C-47 crash in Alaska, Saturn Airways history – Part 1, South West Aviation history, Lee County Mosquito Control DC-3s, Tour of Arizona
and southern California, Flight aboard Buffalo Airways DC-3 & DC-4, Readers’ Response.
Issue 112 – Southampton Airport in the Sixties (Part 9), The Safari Line (Tropic/Meredith/Creed/African Air Safaris/Trek), Vintage Wings over Alaska, Career of
Electra c/n 2007, Prince preservation, Weekend visit to Hungary, Martin’s Air Charter (Part 2), HP.42 G-AAXD, First Nations Transportation C-46 flight.
Issue 113 – ‘Propliners’ & Polar Bears – flight aboard Nolinor Convair 580, Universal Airlines DC-6A operations, The Safari Line Part 2 (Air Safaris 1958-60),
Saturn Airways history – Part 2, Libya Lavex 2007, Korean preserved ‘props’, Flying Deutsche Flugdienst Vikings, Aer Turas at Southampton, Palm Springs Air
Museum Super Catalina, Constellation News Update.
Issue 114 – Sharjah’s Antonov population, Trans Europa history, The Boeing KC-97L – Part 1 (Military service), The Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation, The Safari
Line – Part 3 (Air Safaris in 1961), Wonderful Wanaka (New Zealand’s famous air show), Mystery of missing Canadian Lancaster, Readers’ Response.
Issue 115 – American Flyers Airline history, The Boeing KC-97L – Part 2 (Civilian service & production list), Pacific Island 748 Operations – Part 1 (Mount Cook
Airlines), Prop Profile, Flying the Deutsche Flugdienst Vikings – Part 2, Dan-Air Avro York operations, Ian Allan tour of South America.
Issue 116 – Ian Allan tour to Siberia, National Air & Space Museum Super Connie restoration, Eagle Airways/Cunard Eagle/British Eagle Vickers Viscount
operations, Last flight of the Weenie Wagon (C-133 to Travis AFB), Fairbanks Air Service history, Arctic Circle Air Skyvan operations, Pacific Island 748 operations
Part 2 (Fiji Airways/Air Pacific), Los Angeles to Oshkosh by car (report from numerous US airports on resident ‘prop’ activity).
Issue 117 – Sharjah An-12 report, BOAC Constellation Charters (Part 3 – 1949/54), Fairchild C-82 & C-119 preservation at Hagerstown, Early West German
Skymaster operations, Pacific Island 748 operations Part 3 (Polynesian), Pacific Alaska Airlines, Auburn-Lewiston Starliner & Eastern DC-7B restoration updates,
Readers’ Response.
Issue 118 – Pacific Island 748 operations Part 4 (Royal Tongan & Airline of the Marshall Islands, Beaufort County Convair operations, Il-18 flight to Balti, Pacific
Coastal Grumman Goose flight, BOAC Constellation Charters (Part 4 – 1955/58), International Airlines Inc airline history, Beek (Maastricht) in the early sixties, Red
Lake floatplane operations (Otter/Beaver/Norseman/Beech 18), Restoration of L-1049G CF-TGE, Salina Connie resurrection.
Issue 119 – Fish & Fuel in Alaska Part 1 (Ball Brothers Inc), History of Trabajos Aereos y Enlaces SA (TAE DC-7C operations), Luckless Lockheeds (incidents
involving British Airways and BOAC Lockheed 14s & 18s), Italian Catalinas, Report from Siberia, Alaskan Albatross flight, Crash of Imperial Airways Argosy in
Belgium, Armstrong Whitworth Airliners Part 1 (The Argosy), Prop Profile.
Issue 120 – Fish & Fuel in Alaska Part 2 (Woods Air Fuel), Armstrong Whitworth Airliners Part 2 (The Atalanta), Beavers, Otters & Beech 18s in western Ontario,
The Last African Viscounts, Ian Allan visit to Moscow’s airports, Pearl Channel Commandos (Honolulu), Wideroe’s DHC-3 Otter operations, Props at Hahnweide,
Janes Aviation 748s, Progress report on Lufthansa L-1649A Starliner project.
Issue 121 – Armstrong Whitworth Airliners Part 3 (The Ensign), The Everts family (Everts Air Cargo & Everts Air Fuel), BOAC and the Douglas DC-4 Part 1 (1948-
1954), The Antipodes Last Skymaster (Pacific Air Freighters/HARS VH-PAF), Ian Allan visit to Libya, Norseman flight over Red Lake, Aerolineas Argentinas Avro
748 operations, Prop Profile, Readers’ Response.
Issue 122 – Sagittair Argosy & Beech 18 operations, BOAC and the Douglas DC-4 Part 2 (1955-1961), Flight aboard “Bateleur” NCA DC-6B, Restoration of DC-6A
ZS-XXX, Air North Hawker Siddeley 748 operations, Fred Olsen history Part 1 (1946-1954), BSAA Avro York incident, Flight aboard Ruby Air An-12, Indigo
Aviation DC-3 operations, Carlos Gomez – Propliner Connoisseur.
Issue 123 – The Last Time – Rock Falls & Oshkosh DC-3 gathering, Air Contractors operations 1946-48 (Aerovan, DC-3 & Bristol Freighter), Ian Allan tour to
Russia, Indoavia Beech 18 operations, Flight aboard the Lineas Aereas Canedo C-46 Commando, Fred Olsen history Part 2 (1955-1963), Argentine Curtiss
Issue 124 – Fred Olsen history Part 3 (1963-1997), A Tale of two Otters (Nestor Falls DHC-3T), Introduction into service of Historical Flight Foundation/Eastern Air
Lines Douglas DC-7B, Ilyushin Il-18 flight to Zhulyany, Readers’ Response, Buffalo Airways update, BOAC foreign ‘propliner’ charters, Tour of the Basler facility at
Issue 125 – Fairflight Charters Dove and Heron operations, Braathens-SAFE history Part 1 (1946-1958), Harbourair Malta DHC-3T Turbo Otter operations, Return to
Kiev – visit to Borispol International Airport, Drama on Vatnajökull (Loftleidir DC-4 crash), Springbok Flying Safaris DC-3, Chathams Pacific Douglas DC-3
operations and air-to-air photo sortie, BOAC foreign ‘propliner’ charters – turboprop types.
Issue 126 – Braathens-SAFE history Part 2 (1958-1969), Bealine Southampton, BOAC Hermes incident, Orion Airways Vickers Viking operations, Tour of California
in search of ‘propliners’, Kelowna Flightcraft Convair operations, Remembering a special DC-6B – Kar-Air’s OH-KDA.
Issue 127 – Maitland Drewery Aviation, Manchester Memories, Maine Starliner update, Braathens-SAFE history Part 3 (1969-1976), Majestic Airlines DC-3 and
Beech 18 operations, London Airport’s Final Connies Part 1 (1963 to 1965), Daredevil Pilots of Colombia (Villavicencio DC-3 operations), Eastern DC-7B flight to St
Maarten, Readers’ Response.
Issue 128 – Radial Rumblings at Hahnweide, History of FAMA/Aerolineas Argentinas/LAP Convair CV-240 operations, Visit to Moscow, Lord Calthorpe airline
operations – Overseas Air Transport/North-South Airlines Part 1, Loftleidir history Part 1 (1944-1960), Readers’ Response, London Airport’s Final Connies Part 2
(1966-1970), Visit to Chisinau to fly on Grixona Il-18, Teuge An-2 Fly-In.
Issue 129 – Phoenix ‘propliner’ wrecks & relics, Loftleidir history Part 2 (1960-1971), North-South Airlines/Mercury Airlines Part 2, Lockheed EC-121T Warning
Star flight Camarillo-Chino, Northern Exposure – trip to Alaska, Middle East Miscellany – secretive DC-6/DC-7 operators of the seventies and early eighties.
Issue 130 – Canada’s Canadairs (CL-215 & CL-415 tankers), The 1948 London Olympic Games, Invicta Airways – Part One (1964-66), Fjellfly Twin Pioneer Saga,
Readers’ Response, West Air Hawker Siddeley 748 flight and fleet list details, Arctic Trader – History of Douglas DC-4 CF-IQM (Part One), Guernsey Bristol
Superfreighter accidents.
Issue 131 – Invicta Airways – Part Two (1967-69), Arctic Trader – History of Douglas DC-4 CF-IQM (Part Two), Visit to North Korea (Il-14, An-24 & Il-18), The
Grumman Gulfstream 1 in British airline service, PLUNA Viscounts, Central Florida report.
Issue 132 – Trans Mediterranean Airways history – Part One (1953-1964), Invicta Airways – Part Three (1969-72), Mackey Airlines/Mackey International Airlines
history (1946-80), Steve Kinder trip to Siberia, Project DST – the Moss family restoration of world’s oldest surviving DC-3, Vickers Viking in DDL & SAS service,
Libyan Airways, Readers’ Response.
Issue 133 – Trans Mediterranean Airways history – Part Two (1965-1974), Arizona Report, Flight on Ketchum Air Otter in Alaska, History of Scillonia Airways &
Scenic Flights (Dragon Rapides), On-Mark Invader conversions, Post-War Southampton Airport (1946/47), Lufthansa Starliner update, Lee County DC-3 & DC-3TP
Issue 134 – Post-War Southampton Airport (1947 & Cunliffe-Owen Concordia), Wien Alaska history – Part One (1924-1957), Vickers Viking – Part One (flight
development & early operators), Kimex Mitchell, DC-6, DC-7C & C-46 operations, Air Calypso Convair 440 & Canadair CL-44 operations, Readers’ Response, final
ever “The Independents” featuring retirement of the last Atlantic Airlines Lockheed Electra.
Issue 135 – Wien Alaska history – Part Two (1957-1985), Vickers Viking – Part Two (Airwork & Hunting), Aztec Airways Beech 18 operations from Fort Lauderdale,
Chalk’s Turbo Mallard flight, Ian Allan tour to Villavicencio, Bogota and other Colombian airports in July 2013, Los Angeles Air Service/Trans International history -
Part One (1946-1960), May air show report from La Ferté-Alais.
Issue 136 – Vickers Viking – Part Three (British European Airways), US Mid-West Road Trip (Illinois, Missouri & Kansas), Mid-West Big Prop Gatherings at
Oshkosh (EAA AirVenture) and Topeka (Gathering of Warbirds & Legends), Alaskan Propliner Safari (report on the current Alaskan big ‘prop’ scene), Ninety Years of
Finnair (Convair Metropolitans in colour), Trans International Airlines/Transamerica history – Part Two, Western Canada ‘propliner’ report.
Issue 137 – Vickers Viking – Part Four (Eros Airlines), Sandringham over the Solent (Antilles Air Boats VP-LVE), Skyways York, Lancastrian & Hermes services for
BOAC, Lufthansa Starliner rebuild progress report, History of Martin M-130 Clipper (Part One), Greenlandair history, Prop Profile.
Issue 138 – Vickers Viking – Part Five (European charter airlines – Balair, Airnautic, Aero-Transport & Aviameer), Faroe Airways history (Herons & DC-3s),
Skyways York services for BOAC – Part Two (1958-1963), Visit to Ukraine (Motor Sich), Aerolineas TAO – The Airline of the Opitas, Crash of British United
Douglas DC-3 G-ANTB in Jersey in April 1965.

Issue 139 – D-Day Daks at Duxford. Daedalus Remembers D-Day, Dakotas over Normandy.Antipodean Viscounts – NZNAC, Saga of the Unsung Viking – Colonial Vikings, Prop Personality – Captain Frank Moss, Madness in Minsk, Flying Clippers of the Air  Part two.

Issue 140 – Vickers Viking – Part Seven (Pegasus Airlines), Air California Lockheed Electras, Post-War Southampton Airport (1948), NZNAC Viscounts service after New Zealand – Pearl Air, Southern International, Euroair, BAF, Erickson Aero Tanker Douglas DC-7s, AirVenture 2014 at Oshkosh, Operation Market Garden 1944- 2014.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Issue 141 – Vickers Viking – Part Eight (Aer Lingus), BEA Heron operations at Barra, Canadian Flying-boats & Amphibians – Queen Charlotte Airlines, Aerotransportes Entre Rios history, Transair Sweden Curtiss Commando operations, Lufthansa Technik Starliner restoration update


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