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Aircraft in Profile Vol.1   British Classics                 £11.99p.

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British Isles Civil Aircraft Register 2018

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Blackbushe-London’s lost airport 1942-60

A history of RAF Hartford Bridge 1942-44

& Blackbushe Airport 1944-60

This new history of Blackbushe Airport contains a wealth of information on the operations of the various based units during World War II, detailing operations and losses.

The book then goes on to cover the operations, trials and tribulations of the various independent airlines that started their life at Blackbushe, their histories and their diverse fleets of aircraft of the period, mainly well used hand me downs, as well as in the latter days, a smattering of new aircraft. There is also coverage of the US Navy operations from Blackbushe, and their aircraft.

There are well over nearly 250 photographs, both colour and black & white, some of which may have seen the light of day in the distant past, as well as a goodly number from new sources. Douglas DC-3/C-47s, Douglas DC-4/C-54, Vickers Vikings, Vickers Viscounts, Bristol 170s, Handley Page Halifax, Handley Page Hermes & Avro Yorks galore, to name but a few, as well as the odd C-46 Commando and Short Stirling and a selection of the diverse military types to visit.

There are fleet lists for resident airlines (during their time at Blackbushe), and a listing of other aircraft also based at Blackbushe over the years.

There is also a selection of what the author considers interesting aircraft visiting Blackbushe during its civilian tenure.

We have now finalised Blackbushe-London’s lost airport 1942-60. It has a total of 132 pages, on quality 115gsm stock, with a wrap around soft back cover on 170gsm stock. Price for the book has been finalised as £14.99. and as predicted, you won’t need a mortgage to purchase a copy.

To order this new book as well a range of other publications we produce and sell, you can order by email, by phone or by post, or why not come and visit our shop, you won’t be disappointed.

  NOW AVAILABLE     Air Britain 2017 Books Business Jets International 2017                      £24.95p                                    Now in Stock Airline Fleets 2017                                                £27.00p                                   Now in Stock BJQR 2017                                                              £12.50p                                    Now in stock UKQR 2017                                                             £12.50p                                    Now in stock AFQR 2017                                                              £12.50p                                    Now in stock Avro HS748                                                             £47.50p                                    Now in stock   AJ Aviation 2017 Airlines Airlines 2017 (1)  Soft-back in card cover with comb binding                                       £14.95p (2) Square Bound, metal stiching & wrap around cover                        £14.95p (3) Refill Pages for those who already have a binder                              £14.95p (4) Loose-leaf Binder Edition                                                                      £19.95p       TURBOPROP AIRLINER PRODUCTION LIST -  Vol.1    –   Published October 2016    –   Turboprop Airliner Production List -Vol. 1 – has been totally revised and updated.  Turboprop Airliner Production List – Part 1 gives full production and service histories of EVERY FEATURED AIRCRAFT that has entered service since the start of the Turboprop age.  Each aircraft is listed by manufacturer and type in construction number sequence.  Each individual entry then lists line number (where applicable), sub-type, and first flight date where known.  The entry then goes on to list every registration carried by the airframe, owners and delivery dates, leases, crash or withdrawal from service dates and any other relevant information.  There is a complete cross reference of registration to c/n for every featured aircraft..   ATR.42, ATR.72, BAe ATP, BAe Jetstream 31, BAe Jetstream 41, Bristol Britannia, Canadair CL-44, DHC-8, DHC-8 400, Fairchild F-27A, Fairchild FH-227, Handley Page Herald, Lockheed Electra, Vickers Vanguard, Vickers Viscount & Viking DHC-6 Twin Otter 400.       Turboprop Airliner Production List - Vol. 1 is available in a handy A5 size and is available in a choice of finish [1] comb bound lay-flat price £14.95; 2] Square bound with metal stitching and wrap around cover price £14.95; [3] Refill pages for those who already have a loose-leaf binder price £14.95; [4] Loose-leaf Binder edition price £19.95.         NOW IN STOCK     AIRLINES TO EUROPE 2017 Following the excellent response to the previous editions of Airlines to Europe, Airlines to Europe 2017 will be published during late November 2016. As with previous editions we have taken the main airlines data base and stripped out any airlines or aircraft not likely to be seen in Europe. Airlines to Europe features, aircraft registration, aircraft type, constructors number and line number if applicable, immediate previous identity, colour cover, over 100 pages and fully updated to early November 2016 POST FREE PRICE £6.95p. NOW IN STOCK