Civil Aircraft Markings 2019                                    £11.95p

Military Aircraft Markings 2019                              £11.95p

Airline Tail Colours                                                     £9.95p.


Corporate Jet & Turboprop Aircraft of the World 2019    Comb Bound/Square Bound     £14.95p.

BICR Easy Reference 2019     £6.95p.

British Isles Civil Aircraft Register 2019    Comb Bound/Square Bound & Refil Pages    £26.00p.

British Isles Civil Aircraft Register 2019    Loose Leaf Binder Edition   £32.00p.                                                 



Airlines 2019                      Comb Bound/Square Bound & Refil Pages   £16.95p.

Airlines 2019                      Loose Leaf Binder Edition  £21.95p.

Airlines to Europe 2019                  £6.95p.  Now Available




Business Jets & Turboprops QR 2019                           £12.50p

UKQR 2019                                                                          £12.50p

Air Fleets QR 2019                                                              £12.50p

Military Transports QR    2019                                         £12.50p

Business Jets International 2018                                     £27.00p

Airline Fleets 2018                                                               £27.00p

European Registers Handbook 2018                               £30.95p

Civil Aircraft Registers of the British Isles  2019          £28.95p                                     

Jet Airliners of the World   Airbus                                    £27.50p

Avro Lancaster to York                                                        £47.50p

Avro HS748                                                                            £47.50p

Auster – the Company and the Aircraft                            £39.95p

Sopwith Dove                                                                         £19.95p

De Haviiland Drover                                                             £19.95p

The Squadrons & Units of the Fleet Air Arm                   £47.50p


False Dawn – The Beagle Aircraft Story £59.95

Aviation Museums & Collections of North America (2nd edition) £29.50

Aviation Museums & Collections of Rest of the World £28.00

Aviation Museums & Collections of Mainland Europe (2nd edition) £28.00

Miles Aircraft – The Wartime Years 1939-1945 £47.50

Miles Aircraft – The Early Years £52.50

Miles Aircraft – The Post War Years 1945-1948  £47.50

On the Wings of a Gull – Percival & Hunting Aircraft £42.95

The Complete Civil Aircraft Registers of Peru £45.00

The Grumman Amphibians – Goose, Widgeon & Mallard £49.95

Royal Orchid – The History of Civil Aviation in Thailand £42.50

Turboprop Airliners of the World 1948 – 2012 £37.50

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